Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Design Team Application

I posted a while back that I made the second round in the design team application process for Odd Bird Planet rubber stamps. I thought today would be a good day to show you the cards I made. But first, I wanted to share a little about why I applied for this DT. As some of you know, I have a strict personal rule about crafting is fun, not competitive and so up until now, I've avoided applying for design teams. When I heard Odd Bird Planet was having a call, I just couldn't resist. Here's why:

1. Johanna is amazing. She and I PMed a few times at Self-Addressed and impressed me so much with what a nice, encouraging, cool person she is. She also left a lot of feedback on my cards and many of those comments were ones I would go back and read when I was feeling discouraged. Folks, you just never know what a kind word will mean to the person you left it for. In this case, those kind words meant a lot.

2. Some ladies on her design team (past and present) are people in the stamp and craft industry that I have wild amounts of respect for (Claudette you are so awesome and Hope, you are tops in my book. Happy Birthday by the way - it's this week, right?)

3. Have you seen the Odd Bird Planet stamps???? They totally rock.

4. I have no trouble coming up with saucy titles for a lot of the images - which is an near endless source of amusement for me and my sweet husband.

So without further ado~

This card was what I made for the assignment to use stamps in an unexpected manner where you wouldn't immediately see the stamp in it's usual way. I used the plain perch snowglobe cakestand to make embossed scallops:

For this card I used the cake stand again and added three little owl-bert stamps upside down because I thought it made great aliens and the little owl legs were perfect antennae. Don't you think this card is very "me". LOL. The moment it was done my youngest ran of with it, thumb tack in hand to put it on the bulletin board by his bed. I rescued it just before it was skewered :-)

This card was using a digital file of stamps that aren't released yet. I was tickled to get to play with something brand new!

And this card was made with both stamps and the digital file. I colored the images with watercolor, it was a really fun card to make. Most of the images were using birdhouse row except for the long birdhouse which is a new release.

And I didn't send this one in even though I was incredibly happy with it. The card is completely paper pieced and some of the pieces are multiple thickness or popped up with dimensional tape. I am looking forward to finding just the right person to drop this in the mail for.

So there you have it, my who, what, why and how. Thanks for looking.


Candace H said...

Congratulations and good luck! Your cards are adorable and I'll have to check out those cute stamps!

Claudette said...

thank you for one........ all the cards you did are awesome, and johanna made a wise choice picking you for I know you will bring a lot to her team. I've been working with her since the beginning and couldn't find a nicer person, plus she is so supportive in our journey in the art field. Congratulations!!!

Rosanne said...

What gorgeous cards! I wish you success with your application!