Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prized Possession

It is so cold this morning, even in jeans and a polar fleece I'm still freezing. They say it's 35 degrees outside but I'm guessing it's colder. BRRRRR!

Just when I was lamenting the change of season I remembered my most treasured winter possession. My friend Cindy knit these socks for me two years ago and I would hate to ever go through a winter without them.

I usually put them on every morning and then wear them until lunch when things warm up a bit. If it's really cold out they even fit comfortably in my boots. They delight my toes and subsequently my heart.

Prized possessions are like that. Thank you, Cindy!

Leave a reply telling me about your prized possessions - and I don't mean you children or your family bible - something common that brightens your day immensely.


MaryC said...

It's my two favorite coffee mugs. One is C'est la vie! and the other is Sweetwater House. I love them. Totally.

CathyR said...

My favorite winter things are my hand knit scarves and socks. They keep me so warm. I'm looking forward to wearing my new gloves too.

Claudette said...

prize possession is a pair of sweats that I could live in and never buy another piece of clothing

Perpetual Beginner said...

That's what I get for getting behind on my blog reading while my father-in-law is visiting!

I'm so glad you love the socks. You never know when knitting just how your knits will be received, and it's wonderful when you hit it right.