Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Grandmas & a Scrappy Trick

I feel honored to have spent a few hours with these two incredible women. This time when we went back to Canada, visiting them meant going to their graves. It was an emotional moment for me, rich with lost opportunities to have been a part of their lives. Makes me want to cherish the time I have left with my own grandmother even more.

Scrappy Trick

Perhaps I'm thick-witted but I hadn't tried this before and thought I'd share it just in case you hadn't done it either.

When I did this LO, I used a plate to trace a circle and then cut it out (nothing new there). I really like the fancy edge papers but didn't have any so I used decorative scissors (scalloped) and cut about 3/4 of an inch from the cut edge of the sheet where the circle had been. Then I flipped the decorative edge piece over so the back side was up, inked it and glued it down butted up tight against the circle. The end result is very similar to the fancy edge papers without the expense. There was a little bit of an angle that didn't fit at the ends because it was flipped over but I just trimmed it off. You can see the problem at the top right edge of the circle - it's not too bad. Of course, you needed to use double-sided paper.

The sketch was by phutch and the LO was done for a sketch challenge at TSR.


BettyAnn said...

The Grandma's would have been happy to have know you.
Bill and I are so please you belong to our family.
Love you

Rosanne said...

What a pretty layout!

Emilia said...

You are such a sweetie. Your grandmas are proud of you too.

I really love your idea of edge paper. Very smart. I will try this out soon!