Monday, November 17, 2008

Cards and Hair

What a weekend! I had it all planned out with military precision. Saturday morning at 8:00 AM I was going to the salon to had my roots and foils touched up and by noon I'd be gorgeous (just kidding) and ready for a fun family day and date night. The gal at the salon used the wrong color and my pretty red hair came out muddy brown with grey and mauve highlights. *gasp* Talk about getting middle-aged all at once. I looked like an older woman who had tried an "edgy" at home dye job. It was horrible. They still charged me - they are incredibly clear on that policy - but redid my hair right away. After the bleaching and the re-dying I was finally done at 6:00 PM - TEN HOURS LATER! We'd missed our movie and my spine had swelled so much it was like something was protruding out my back. I'm not meant to sit that long. The girl wouldn't show me the back, assuring me it was fine, just a little darker but certainly not enough to notice. I did ask about the bright red splotches where my bangs used to be and she said to come back on Wednesday when they'll redo the blonde highlights and all will be well.

Yesterday I woke up and looked in the mirror in the light of day and almost cried. The back of my hair is brown with greyish black streaks underneath a top layer of bleached, reddish hair. The front is Pippi-Longstocking/Anne of Green Gables red for about three inches from my face and then abruptly switches to faded, drab strawberry-blond. I look a wreck.

I pulled it back in a headband to camouflage the abrupt color change but it still looks ridiculous. Fortunately, I'm pretty nonchalant about hair and can take it all in stride. What I'm not cool about is the trauma to my back and all the money I spent at "the top rated spa in the west". Maybe this is the perfect time to switch to a mahogany colored page boy. *grin*

Because of all this I missed the Virtual Stamp Weekend at Split Coast Stampers. I did manage to squeeze in two challenges though.

This one is the spotlight technique:

And this was for an "all-laced-up" corset challenge:


CathyR said...

Love the cards.

I hope your back is feeling better. Even though the salon has that policy, I think I would go and speak to the manager and show him/her the damage that was done to your hair. It sounds like the girl needs some retraining or supervision!

Claudette said...

I too love your cards and agree with Cathyr, go back and speak to the manager. However be warned.... It recently happened to my daughter and the more they tried to correct the problem the worst it got.....I had to finally dye her hair back to her natural color.

Cass said...

Love the corset card! :)

Angela said...

Gorgeous cards Nicole!

I am so sorry about the salon and agree with the girls about speaking to the manager. Hope you are feeling better today. I would be finding me a new salon.

Eve said...

I am so sorry to hear about your hair ordeal. That is just awful. I hope that you are able to get it fixed.
My hair always seems to take in a different color- or even continue to process. However no matter what color I go with - red always comes thru. I think I have a lot of that underlying!
Nevertheless- your cards are beautiful!
Thanks for the BELLA comments. I feel better now!