Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kit Clubs and another Killed

I took October off from the scrap-room as I hadn't finished off two of my kits from the summer. Scrapbooking and cardmaking kits are wonderful as they save you the time and the expense of going out shopping for paper and embellishments. You also get new product often earlier than craft stores. The downside is that the once a month delivery can really catch up to you if you aren't using them.

At TSR they do two really great things, one is Get More Pages Done which is a goal to make at least one LO or item from each of the four mini page kits you get each month. This really helps you break open your goodies and get scrapping. The other fun thing they do is Kit Killer. I've mentioned it before as it is a favorite of mine. The idea is to use your page kit until the scraps left are so insignificant there is nothing to put away. I love not hoarding. Use it, love it, toss the trash.

This is what I made with my Kelly Panacci Page kit from September:

If you ask me, that is a lot of fun for five bucks.

Some of my favorite kit clubs for scrapbooking are:

The Scrap-Room
Back Porch Memories
Paper Posies
Lime Tart

A great new card making kit is CupCards to go

To learn more about kits and find one that suits you best, a great resource is Willow Traders.

Tip: KIts that allow you to skip are the best as you can choose to only buy what you like, or if you are like me, take a month off of buying to use up what you have.