Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The good the bad and the (a little bit) ugly

So today is my 180 day milestone on my diet. I had reached my goal on Monday and almost posted then as I was so excited. But this morning I woke up to major PMS swelling and bounced up a whole 1.3 pounds. Since I've been drinking a ton of water, exercising and eating really well I think I still made goal. Usually I gain about three pounds once a month so it's possible I'm a pound and a half under my goal. Which would be cool. I tell you in five days or so once the swelling goes down.

It's not the grand hoorah I was hoping for but us women have to deal with monthly variables.

My new goal is to lose sixteen pounds by February 6th - my birthday. This week of renewed focus has me back in the groove and I'm looking forward to meeting that goal in time for our trip.

With the introduction of so many laptops into our life (did I tell you that story?) I decided to make it really special and bought us all new Gelaskins. They are a protective "skin" for the top of your laptop, ipod or phone that look really, really cool.

We got this one for Chris:

This one is Trenton's:


Mine (I even have a Bam Pop style flying robot!):

And I cut Chris's old Gelaskin down small enough to fit our ancient laptop so Brayden wouldn't feel left out. Imagine it without the splattery side and less medical bag:

Be sure to click on the pictures if you want to see them better.


CathyR said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. Don't you just hate that monthly weight gain?

The gelaskins are cool. I think I'm going to get one for my iPod.

Elizabeth said...

Is T an Escher fan?

Claudette said...

Congratulations did it!!!

shawnna said...

Super cute gelskins -- How fun

Comptons said...

Congrats on both hitting both your goal weight and the 180-day mark! I'm at 100 days on Friday. That monthly weight fluctuation sucks, doesn't it?

I meant to leave a note on your other entry and never got around to it. But I've been having success by eating a low to moderate glycemic index diet. I know you are now veg*n, so it might be a bit harder for you, but I don't eat any bread, rice, corn, etc. And very little sugar. Aside from the weight loss (16 pounds so far), I feel a lot better - have more energy, my IBS attacks are less frequent and my knees have stopped hurting. I believe the last two are due in large part to eating fewer inflammatory foods. My ND recommended, and I just ordered, this cookbook, and I'm hoping to expand my cooking repertoire soon.

BTW, my new goal (set before I read this entry) is to lose ten pounds by Feb. 8th, so let's lose together! :-D Key for me is going to be getting back to the gym, or finding some way to resistance train at home.

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! Well done with your weight loss. I am so badly wanting to lose weight, but to tell you the truth, I am starting to lose hope that I will ever get there :(. *sniff*. Oh well.. just have to keep trying.

oh no.. you shouldn't have shown those gelaskins! *LOL* I ordered two immediately. one for my partner for xmas and one for myself. I got the whale one for me and the .. hm.. soundtrack of my life for him :).

Anonymous said...

congratulations meeting your goal - that's awesome! i just started down that path about 10 days ago. 5 pounds down, and about 95 more to go. yikes!

Hope said...

Nicole, congratulations on hitting your goal!! I am so proud of you and I really hope I will get to see you in person to admire at some point. My boys would love, love, love those gelaskins. But then they would need a laptop to go with them!

Kathi said...
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Kathi said...

I deleted my comment above because of a stupid typo. *sigh*

Congrats on reaching your goal weight!

I'm curious about your diet.I'm almost two months into mine and don't know how much I've lost, just know that some of my jeans have fallen off in the supermarket. Oops.

Anyways, your blog is filled with fantastic eye candy, plus some really great links, like the laptop skins for instance.

So thanks (and congrats on the jjOBT team. I'm very excited about working with you).

Diggy's Boy said...

good photos