Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fun

I haven't uploaded my Halloween pics yet so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. But I do have some pics from the Corn Maze that I'd like to share. First some business, I haven't been getting email reliably for the last three weeks - in fact, ever since I got my computer back from Apple it's been finicky. So if you've sent me something and I haven't replied, especially email with links or attachments, my apologies. We're working on getting all of this squared away but as an interim step, I've opened up a GMail account. My addy is perkynihilist at Again, my apologies for any unanswered emails.

I bought a sweater. I know, Stop the presses! Nicole bought a sweater! Who cares? But I bought a sweater with a pattern on it, that's not black. See, a blog worthy event. I decided the girls are finally diminished enough to try out something little less camouflaging.


Sherry Wright said...

Great photos and love the new sweater. ;)

The Richmond's said...

Great pics, the sweater looks good on you! =0)

Maggie said...

You are so funny :)
Have a bless day,