Friday, December 12, 2008

Cute, frugal Ideas

My friend Mary, an incredible Titus 2 kind of lady, has an awesome blog and each Friday she posts a Frugal Friday message full of really usable tips. This week she has a bundle of inexpensive, earth friendly, amazing christmas gifts you can make at home. There's even recipes. Be sure to check her blog out.

Gifts for Groups

I've been giggling away at all the nutty holidays out there - count your buttons day, anyone??? - and saw that Mushroom Picking Day is September 18th... so I had to make a card. LOL.

We're expecting to be snowed in over the next day or so and with our little guy so sick I haven't been shopping - or out of the house - in days. I'm making a huge pot of chowder to ready the house for whatever comes. Because, you know, hot soup solves a myriad of problems.


MaryC said...

Hey, thanks Nicole! Shamefully, I had to go look up Titus 2 to see what it said. Then I was all flattered.
Mushroom picking day sounds 'fun'-gi and the card is cute too.

Claudette said...

There must be a day for everything now....mushroom day, what next.
However your card came out great.