Thursday, December 11, 2008

Watch Them Grow

Last night Brayden was up until well after 1:00 AM with a 102.6 degree fever. He's our wild man and he'd spent the day laying down and complaining of terrible headaches and dizziness. I'd been giving him Motrin every four hours so his fever being so high was making me nervous. Holding him long into the night gave me a chance to reflect on how blessed we are with our three healthy boys and how each moment with them is so dear.

We've always celebrated St. Nicholas Day with the kids since they were very small. On December 6th you fill your shoes with carrots and hay and leave them by the door to feed St. Nicholas' horse. If you're lucky, he'll leave a little gift of thanks. Here's some pictures of St. Nicholas Day (or Christmas when I couldn't find them) from the past six years. It's neat to watch the boys grow.









Elizabeth said...

Oh, but they're getting all growed-up looking. I still think of Brayden as being, I dunno, five.

So here's my burning question about St. Nicholas' Day: does his horse get ALL the hay out? Also, does the horse ever accidentally chew a shoe?

chksngr said...

Ummm....WOW!!! I can't imagine Jay being that BIG! Sigh...they DO grow up, don't they!?!?!? SIGH!!!!

Angela said...

Great memories. Love their smiles.