Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm in heaven... Seven!

Jeans don't seem to be a flexible on sizing as my other clothes so over the last six months I've ran out of pants that fit on several occasions. This past week it happened again and so I went jeans shopping. I hate shopping and pants are the worst of the lot. In May I wore a 14/16 and I don't feel very different so I grabbed a selection of 11/13s and a few 9/10s. They were, for the most part, enormous. I ended up leaving the store with a pair of nines and a pair of sevens. Yep, you heard me, SEVENS!!! *woo-hoo !!!!! does all sorts of happy dances* I actually bought the same pair in two sizes as the nine was a little too loose and the sevens were snug - not tight but I wouldn't want to gain five pounds. I thought having some comfy jeans was good for those swollen days.

I'm on my sixteenth day of a terrible flare-up so things haven't been a party around here. We were regretting our choice of buying a house with stairs over the weekend. But, things are starting to look up. I didn't need any prescription meds yesterday and I've been walking for most of each day. Still it sucks and I'm starting to feel the Christmas pinch as there is a lot I haven't been able to do. Maybe I'll end up being one of those people that skips a year. Not that I can imagine doing that.

On the positive side, I've been very strict about my diet and have lost four pounds in the last nine days. I'd say the plateau is officially broken.

Do you watch much TV? We don't. Most of it is crap and the shows I do like - Moonlight for instance - inevitably get cancelled. Lately I've been making cards at night which is a good bit of creative relaxation. I made this one the other day. The boys absolutely love it. It's not often that they get the references. Sorry about the picture. We're having a windstorm and it's quite dark as the snow is coming. I kept propping the card up, snapping a pic and then it would blow away. LOL. My neighbors must think I'm a kook.

The dolphins are Bombshell Stamps.


Elizabeth said...

I love the card. *great big grin*

So sorry that your back is flaring up again. Phooey!

CathyR said...

Congratulations on the new pant size. It's always fun to shop for a smaller size.

I'm sorry your back is acting hope. Hopefully the flair will end soon.

The card is so cute.

Angela said...

Congrats on the jeans. It is an awesome feeling to need a smaller size. :)

That card is adorable.

Emilyt said...

I guess at least there is good with bad in this...hopefully it helps your spirits because thaty's pretty FREAKIN AWESOME!! WTG. Hope you can dance around in those skinny jeans soon. ;)
I do watch some TV. Most is crap but I do have the shows I enjoy.

Claudette said...

I'm so jealous, you've just encouraged me that weight loss can happen if you stick to a diet....so I'm going to give it a good try. I hate being chubby!!!
I love your card, too cute.

Kathi said...

That's awesome (both the card and the new jeans size).

I love the flames on the fish tails. Nice touch.

The sentiment made me smile. I fondly remember the BBC Radio Show of the book, which was eons ago.