Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Have My Permission to do Less

I really mean it. This is a season where many of us get caught up in doing more, More, MORE. So I am reminding you that less is also an option. Seriously. And it'll be okay.

Let me give you a few examples.

As many of you may have noticed, I can spend a LONG time making a card. And they turn out nice enough but I bet eight out of ten recipients of those heartfelt cards file them in the trash can once the occasion passes. And that it okay too. My health has been extra-grubby lately and I was thinking about throwing in the towel on Christmas this year all together. Then it occurred to me that less is a valid option.

I got this months issue of Family Fun with my little bit of writing in it and wanted to send a copy to my family. But I couldn't because I had it in my head to make gorgeous bookmarks to hold the page. Realizing the magazine was the point I made three identical bookmarks in six minutes. No one is going to be knocking on my door asking to publish them but that wasn't the point, sending the magazine was. Here they are:

( rub crayon over embossing, spray with ink, wipe off with paper towel, stamp three trees on fourth tag and cut apart. Color highlights with pencil crayon, ink edges, adhere to tag, add ribbon)

I also haven't had the umph to set up the tree yet. My kiddies had sore tummies and I wanted their morning to be bright so I strung a set of lights on our bookshelf* and hung the stockings there. It was a magical morning and they all thought I was the coolest mom ever. We sat in the quiet looking at the lights, a hush fell over the neighborhood and it started snowing. They're convinced I planned that. It only took the ten minutes of energy I had to spare but it made their morning.

So ask yourself, does everyone need a gift this year? Probably not. Can you make 8x8 albums or 6x6 instead of 12x12 - will the relatives even notice? Does your niece need a knit throw? Would socks or even some of lacy wash cloths (I LOVE those) make her just as happy? Do you need to write your dad a story? Would a letter or poem do?

Make sure you don't spread yourself too thin this holiday season.

For me, I am choosing to do less instead of the all or nothing attitude I was harboring earlier this week.

* The box on the top shelf is my cool two dollar light box. I highly recommend making one. I use it all the time. Let me know if you need a link.


Claudette said...

I love what you did with the lights on the book cases...your a real cool mom!
I still do things out of the ordinary for my adult kids and their little ones and it still tickles their funny bones.
I'm really into making home made gifts for the family this year, if you have a chance check out what I've made so far that I blogged today.
ps....bookmarkers look great

Barbara said...

LOVE the 'Christmas Tree'!!

BettyAnn said...

The tree is beautiful. You are a great mom.

Candace H said...

You are absolutely right! And I love your bookmarks and congrats on being pubbed in Family Fun... need to read down and see what issue...hope I still have it here. Would love to know more about your $2 light box!

The Everaert Family said...

Nicole, you are so right about the need to simplify. I cut back a few things this year and I am SO HAPPY! (I AM a tad envious of your clean fridge, though!) Enjoy the season.


Elizabeth R. said...

Nicole, can I just say that you totally ROCK as a mom! I love your tree of lights! You are constantly an inspiration to me!

Congrats on the Family Fun article, now I'll have to go get a copy.